Warm weather theft warning

TYLER (KYTX) -  We've been enjoying some warmer weather this week, but those with the Smith County Sheriff's Office say that doesn't mean we should start getting comfortable with our belongings outdoors.

Mild, sunny weather makes a great day for Reed Jones to mow the lawn. But, he says you can be sure, his lawn mower will get put away properly when he's done.

"If you're not in direct line with your equipment, you need to lock it up."

Jones says unfortunately he had to learn that the hard way.

"I had a guy follow me home one Sunday morning and didn't know it. And, I left my garage door open. And, he stole my gas can as soon as I went in the house. So, you shouldn't leave anything outside."
"That's just a big sign saying, 'if you're a thief, steal me.' This time of year, thieves also get back out in the swing of things." says Smith County Sheriff's Office Spokesman John Moore.

He says this is a message adults need to hear and pass on to their kids.

"Remember what they told you in kindergarten, 'when you're through playing with your toys, put your toys away.' And, that still applies when you're a grown person. You've got the leaf blowers, you've got the lawn mowers, you've got the weed-eaters. The kids are riding the bikes..."

"Oh yeah." says Jones. "They'll take anything."

That's why Moore says it's so important to protect your belongings.

"While we're out doing things that are legal, they're out there doing things that are not. So, let's just don't make it easy for them by leaving things out where it's just like a buffet and they can go pick off of it what they want."
And that's something, he says, we should keep in mind year round




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