Warmer temps causing unwanted insects to invade homes

Tyler, TX (KYTX) -- Warming temperatures and rain are inviting unwanted guests into homes around East Texas.

Martha Marshall has had her share of pests over the years.

"When we moved here 35 years ago, our house was infested with roaches," Marshall said.

Last year at this time, it was ants. "They came up into our bathroom," Marshall said.

But she's fighting back and now gets professionals to spray inside and outside her home every few months.

"They kind of have places they like to live, and I don't want it to be my yard," Marshall said.

Exterminators agree it's good to be proactive, before your problem gets worse. "If you get ahead of the game and start doing it now, then you'll be much better off. It's hard to get rid of it once it's there," Seth Newberry, a technician with Alpha Pest Control, said.

Smaller insects like the cracks and crevices. "Around windows you'll find holes and that kind of thing," Newberry said.

Alpha Pest Control is getting more calls for roaches, fleas, and even bees lately. "In comparison to last year when it wasn't nearly as humid and we didn't have nearly as much rainfall," Newberry said.

He adds if you're trying to handle the problem yourself, the spray you buy in stores can last a few weeks.

For ants, you'll want to stop leaving out things that will attract them, like sugar for your coffee and pet food.


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