Warning against pets as Easter gifts

Easter Pet Warning

(KYTX) - It may be Easter tradition, but bunnies and chicks are not always the best gifts. They're small and cute when they're little, but they grow up to be high-energy pets that need a lot of attention and care. That's why animal experts suggest you consider alternative ideas when buying Easter gifts this year....

Tome Johnson has three kids. She says she made the mistake of giving one of them a bunny for Easter years ago.

"Not fun."

She says she learned her lesson the first time.

"I bought a bunny rabbit for my daughter one year. And, she was only three at the time. She's my oldest baby. And, it didn't work out at all. I had to give it to my friend to raise."

Johnson says the bunny became too much for her little one to handle. And ultimately, the responsibility fell on her to take care of it.

"It seemed like a good idea, but when it comes to little kids and bunny rabbits, don't do it. It's terrible, cause you'll be the one to end up taking care of the baby, not the baby taking care of the rabbit."

Gayle Helms with Pets Fur People says this happens every Easter.

"After the new is worn off, they end up at animal shelters or people think they can turn them loose and they'll be ok, which is far from the truth."

She says there are better Easter presents.

"If at all possible, think about giving chocolate bunnies or a stuffed bunny as opposed to the live little animals."

Johnson says that's what her kids are getting this year.

"Not the real rabbits, stuffed rabbits..." Gifts her children can keep and care for much more easily.

If you are serious about buying a rabbit this Easter, make sure you take it to an exotic vet first. Try to keep it indoors or in a place where it can't be attacked by predators.

And remember, chickens are livestock and need to be cared for as an agricultural animal, not a house pet.


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