Web Exclusive: 92 year old woman showing people up at the gym

Web Exclusive

(CNN/6 News) - At a fitness center in Lawrence, Kansas, gym rats often get a shock when they learn the silver-haired woman showing them up on the Stairmaster is 92 years old!  But Claudine Lingelbach is more than just a fitness enthusiast.

Claudine works out at Body Boutique 3 days a week at exactly 3:00 o'clock. But no one here calls her Claudine, instead she goes by a long time nickname.  "I met my husband to be at KU and he was calling me Scottie," says Claudine Lingelbach, or Scottie.

Scottie just celebrated her birthday and instead of age...she likes to use the word vintage and I bet you wouldn't guess her vintage by looking at her.

"I get members all the time and they say who's that?  And I say that's Scottie she's are oldest member, she's 92," says Kristina Clement, GM, Body Boutique.

And if her vintage and workout routine isn't remarkable enough.  Listen to her story.

"I grew up in Topeka, went all through the Topeka School System, then I came to KU. And Pearl Harbor happened when I was a sophomore so I had decided as soon as I graduated I wanted to go into the women's services," she says.

Scottie was a member of waves.  "Women accepted for voluntary emergency service," recalls Scottie.  Gaining top secret clearance she then worked in the United States Department of Defense for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  "I went to President Roosevelt's D-day Press Conference. Have you ever heard of Tom Brokaw's book 'The Greatest Generation"?  We'll you can look me up," says Scottie.

Not ready to stop her service to her country, in 1948 she moved to Missouri to raise her family and become a teacher.  "I taught civics, American history, world history, and hopefully those kids learned the constitution," says Scottie.

27 years ago she moved to Lawrence and she continues her service to education as a guest speaker, where once again, service is at the top of her mind.  "I think everybody should remember what John Kennedy said,  'Ask not what your country for you, ask what you can do for your country."


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