Web Exclusive: A hair-raising experience in space

Web Exclusive

(CBS/CNN) -  If you ever get the chance to head to outer space, you might want to consider a hair cut before taking off.  NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg, a crew member on Expedition 36, recently posted a YouTube video explaining how she washes her hair during her stay on the International Space Station.  Even as she squirts hot water onto her scalp, it floats away, towards the ceiling of the zero-gravity ISS.  Her hair stands straight up throughout, in a look only Medusa would envy.

During the 1st half of the USA/Belize soccer game Tuesday USA's Chris Wondolowski has his name misspelled on the back of his uniform -- "Wondowlowski."  He would score a hat trick in the 1st half.  When he comes out for 2nd half it is corrected-- "Wondolowski."
A huge wall of dust rolled through the Southern part of Arizona Wednesday.  The National Weather Service says winds from a thunderstorm kicked up the dust.  At one point, visibility was reportedly less than a quarter of a mile.  
There are new questions about diet soda.  According to a Purdue University expert's review of recent scientific studies over the past five years, drinking diet soda does not lead to better health than drinking regular soda.  The review was published as an opinion piece in the Journal Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism.  The American Beverage Association dismissed the report, saying it was quote -- "An opinion piece, not a scientific study."  The association describes low-calorie sweeteners as an effective tool in weight loss.



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