Web Exclusive: A trillion dollar mistake in woman's bank account

Web Exclusive

(CBS/KFSM) - A Fort Smith, Arkansas woman woke up this week to more than a trillion dollars in her bank account. Unfortunately for her, it was a mistake.

A trillion dollar mistake is what Molly Layes saw on her computer screen one morning this week.
Layes says she couldn't believe her eyes.  

"Your heart starts racing when you see a large amount of money especially when it's in your bank account. It was almost scary. When I first looked at it I was like, okay four million dollars in my account and then I was like that's more than four million that's a few more zeros," says Molly Layes.

After Molly saw the digits on the screen, she called reps from BancorpSouth.

"Our bank over the last two days has been saying what in the world created this and we don't have an answer it was not real numbers it was just a display," says Saundra Lockhart.  

Saundra Lockhart says to her knowledge this is the first time BancorpSouth has encountered anything like this. Although the bank says the trillions of dollars were an error, what would Layes have done with all that cash?
"One of my coworkers actually decided to plan a trip to buy an island. We were going to buy an island, so that was the only thing I wanted to was to buy an island," says Layes.    

Layes says she's been banking with BancorpSouth for close to three years and will continue to do so.  In addition to buying an island, she says she would have donated most of her 4 trillion dollars to charity.


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