Web Exclusive: America has new sports hero in Team USA Soccer Goalie

Web Exclusive: America has new sports hero in Team USA Soccer Goalie

(CNN) -  Despite the fact that the U.S. has been eliminated from the World Cup, America has a new sports hero! We're talking about Tim Howard.  

The goalkeeper's 16 saves earned him the title "Human Wall."  There have been several tributes to him including saving dinosaurs from extinction, the Titantic.  Mount Rushmore even became Mount Howard.  But one of the best tributes goes to whoever changed the Wikipedia entry making Tim Howard U.S. Secretary of Defense.

Well, this is probably no surprise.  The "hot convict" has apparently landed a modeling contract and he's not even out of jail yet!  Jeremy Meeks is currently being held on a million dollar bond after his arrest on seven felony charges including "street terrorism."  The Huffington post reports that Meeks has scored a modeling contract with Blaze Modelz.  The 30-year-old inmate shot to fame last month when his mug shot was posted on Facebook.  

A different kind of light show lit up New York city's skies last night.  Video from a tower cam shot of lightning near the empire state building.  It looks like lightning even hit one building.  So far, there have been no reports of any injuries.  

The notebook stole people's hearts because of the on screen chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.  But the star-crossed lovers on film didn't get along off camera according to the films' director Nick Cassavetes.  He recently told VH1 Ryan Gosling got so upset with McAdams on set that he demanded a new actress take over her role.  He says they even had a screaming match, but then the rest of the movie did go a bit smoother.

It's hard to believe the couple everyone fell in love with, reportedly didn't have much love for each other.


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