Web Exclusive: Apple's iPad Mini up against major competition

(CNN) - The screens may be getting smaller but the competition's growing and growing.
When apple unwrapped the iPad mini, it entered a market that's already pretty packed.  

"You already had a lot of really good choices and what we've got now is Apple coming in to a space that's kind of between those 7-inch tablets, and the full-size 10-inch or so tablets," says Paul Reynolds, Consumer Reports Sr. Electronics Editor. 

The first major distinction between Apple and the mini crowd: a slightly bigger screen, 7.9 inches, versus 7 for the rest.  The second difference is the price tag.  The Kindle Fire HD, the Barnes and Noble Nook HD, and the Google Nexus Seven are just under two hundred bucks.  
Apple's iPad mini is $329.  That's 170 dollars less than the most up-to-date full-sized iPad, and those looking to sync the Apple products they already own, or who simply desire Apple's cache -- may be willing to spend.  

For others, it may send them elsewhere and among the others, the Kindle and Nook are seen as lacking in apps compared to their apple and android competitors, while the Nexus Seven's weakness is said to be music and movies.  But 'tis the season for consumers to start their tech wish lists.  "Competitors are going to get into this space, which is going to mean more choices for consumers," says Paul Reynolds, Consumer Reports Sr. Electronics Editor.  Which means there will be still other gadgets, yet to come.  


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