Web Exclusive: Apple's is now the world's most valuable brand

Web Exclusive: Apple's is now the world's most valuable brand

(CNN/CBS) - Apple has dethroned Coca-Cola as the worlds most valuable brand.  A corporate identity and brand consulting firm puts the Apple name's value at more than $98 billion dollars. Google jumped to #2 with a global brand value of more than 93 billion, pushing Coca-Cola to the #3 slot.     

Airlines are rolling out new fees, but this time, you just might like them. Some carriers will let you rent an apple iPad with movies already preloaded and, if you don't feel like waiting for your luggage, you can pay the airline to get your bags for you and deliver them to your home. 

Amazon is gearing up for the holidays by hiring 70,000 full-time, seasonal workers. That's up 20-thousand workers from last year's holiday season.   The employees will work at one of Amazon's more than 40 fulfillment centers across the country. Amazon is just one of several large companies that ramps up hiring around the holidays.
Companies are racing to develop so called wearable technology. From music players that match your tunes to your heart beat, to mood sweaters that change color depending on your emotions.  Last year the market for wearable technology totaled almost $9 billion. That's predicted to climb to $30 billion by 2018.
Uncertainty in the economy may be spooking Americans into spending less this Halloween. 
A survey from the National Retail Federation finds households expect to spend just over $75 dollars this year, down from $79 in 2012. Total spending on the holiday is expected to only reach 6.9- billion, down from eight billion dollars. 2.6- billion will be spent on candy alone.


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