Web Exclusive: Apps to help you sleep better

Web Exclusive

(CNN) - We all want the same thing -- a good night's sleep. So can our gadgets lead us to rest better at night? We have some interesting new ways to maximize our sleep using technology.   

Why just get a good night's sleep, if you can get a great night's sleep? Time Magazine put together a list of a few new apps that will help track and analyze your sleep patterns, then advise you on how to get the sleep of your dreams.    

Two of the apps, "Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock" and "Sleep As Android." Both are supposed to wake you up at the optimal point in your sleep so you feel better rested. Here's how it works: you pick a short window of time for when you would like to get up. The apps track your sleep cycle overnight and then wake you, when you are not in that deep REM sleep. It's easier to wake up when your alarm goes off in this stage.  

The "Sleep As Android" app also has a useful, or irritating feature, depending how much you like to hit the snooze button. The alarm won't turn off until you solve a complicated question, like a math problem.  

If you're a music lover, the app "Music Therapy, Sound Sleep" will play soothing sounds of your choice and turn off like a sleep timer for your TV when it senses that you have finally fallen asleep.  

"Beddit" is more than just an app. It has a small strap which you hook over your mattress.
It records many functions during your sleep -- sending back data on sleep, as well as exercise recovery, among many other areas, to your smart phone. "Time" says this device is so savvy, it seems to be more like a "wellness advisor." 
These are just some more new ways to track your sleep patterns. All with the hope of finding your most restful night's sleep.



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