Web Exclusive: Are you a distracted walker?

Web Exclusive


(CNN) - If you easily get distracted by your cell phone, you may want to ask yourself these questions-- Are you guilty of distracted walking?  Have you bumped into other people while walking and texting?  Or do you remember the woman who fell into a fountain at a mall while she was texting?

Well, don't laugh too hard, because a recent report from Pew found that more than half of cell phone users have been affected by distracted walking.  Either you bumped into someone, or someone bumped into you all because we're so fixated on those 5-inch screens.

Researchers at the University of Washington spent time observing more than 1,000 pedestrians and they found that nearly one of every three people was distracted by a cell phone as they walked across high-risk intersections.

Texters were less likely to look both ways, or obey traffic lights.  That's definitely not safe!
Now, take that information and put it together with an Ohio State University looked at hospital records and found that injuries from walking and using a cell phone more than doubled between 2005 and 2010.

So, you know how you're supposed to pull over when driving before using the cell phone, well it looks like now we may have to stop walking when we're using our phones too.



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