Web Exclusive: Battery pack that charges phones in 30 sec.; Changes for Windows Users

Web Exclusive

(CBS/CNN) - Starting today, Microsoft will no longer support its popular "Windows XP."  Microsoft says it wants to concentrate on maintaining its newer operating systems.  Experts say if you don't upgrade your computer, you're more susceptible to hackers.

An Israeli start up says it has developed a new battery pack that can fully charge your phone in just 30 seconds, even if is nearly empty.  Store-Dot is still working on the charger but debuted a prototype at a tech conference in Israel unfortunately, the company says it probably won't be on the market until about 2016.  

A new survey indicates the percentage of Americans who don't have health insurance is at its lowest since 2008.  The Gallup poll released Monday puts the number at 15.6%.  That's down from the 18% of Americans who didn't have health insurance in the last quarter of 2013, an all-time high.  The latest number is based on a survey of more than 40,000 adults from January to March.  The White House is likely celebrating the drop a week after it announced more than 7- million people had signed up on the federal and state exchanges for health care insurance.  

Ford is recalling nearly 435,000 cars to fix rusting frame parts and faulty seats.  The biggest of the two recalls involves 386,000 Ford Escapes from 2001 to 2004.  Ford says subframes could rust and hamper steering control.  The company says there has been one crash but no injuries have been linked to the problem.  The second recall effects 49,000 Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKX, Ford Escape and C-max vehicles from 2013 to 2014.  In that case, seat back frames were not welded properly.

Waiters, would you like to know where to go for the best tips?  According to Grubhub Seamless, the state where restaurant patrons leave the biggest tips is in South Carolina, an average of 16.1% of the bill.  The lowest tipping state is Illinois at 13.6%.



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