Web Exclusive: Battle of the bird

(CNN) - Big Bird continues to be a big deal in the presidential campaign.
President Obama's campaign is using the Sesame Street character to mock Mitt Romney in a new ad. But, Republicans are keeping count.

When we last left Big Bird...

"I love Big Bird."


He had just been mentioned in the presidential debate.  

Since then big bird has only gotten bigger, appearing on SNL...

"How did you find out your name mentioned during debate.? Oh I got a million tweets"

He's the second animal to rock the presidential campaign.  
The first being Mitt Romney's dog on the car roof.  
But Big Bird has big footed the pooch in photoshopped photos and editorial cartoons, and now he's made it into an Obama campaign commercial full of sarcasm.

"One man has the guts to speak his name. Big Bird. Big Bird. Big Bird. It's me Big Bird. Big. Yellow. A menace to our economy."

But the Republican National Committee is striking back with the count from sesame street.

"The number of the day is 4."

The Republicans are keeping count of how many times President Obama mentions Big Bird verses, they say, zero mentions of Libya and zero plans to fix the economy.

"Ha ha."

The Obama Campaign says its Big Bird spot was meant to run during comedy shows, though it might be hard to tell the commercial from comedy show content.

"Mitt Romney: taking on our enemies no matter where they nest."

 But Big Bird did not approve this message. His creators, Sesame Workshop, say they're non partisan and they want the Obama Big Bird ad taken down.

Obama supporters have taken to showing up at Romney/Ryan events dressed as Big Bird. We're even seeing Big Bird in cereal.

  Portrait artist Jason Mecier is known for using pills to make Whitney Houston's portrait, marijuana to make Snoop Dog's, and Beef Jerky to make President Obama's  and Governor Romney's...  
  Now NBC reports the debate inspired the artist to spend 25 hours gluing Cheerios and Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms onto a canvas to create Big Bird. Some of us are starting to do on Big Bird, as he flits from Jon Stewart to Conan...get the kiddies out of the room.... "What's that?'


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