Web Exclusive: Boston restaurant needs your ID when ordering new pizza

(CNN)- A fawn falls in a manhole, a massive beer spill, and alcoholic pizza . Here are the latest videos that will have you talking.

Take a look at this!  in Utah, a baby deer found itself trapped in a manhole. Sheriff's deputies arrived on the scene. They had no idea how long the fawn had been down there, but they knew they had to save it.

"We knew the deer wasn't going to last long in the hole, he had no food, no water."

Their only option, lasso the animal around its neck. Despite the cries, rescuers say the deer was not hurt, and scampered off to some woods nearby.


No one's getting a buzz from this beer. Police in Colorado say a semi carrying cases of Miller Light and Blue Moon took an exit ramp too fast and overturned, spilling its load.

"This is not an uncommon site for us. Matter of fact, I think this is probably my third beer truck rollover."

The accident snarled traffic. The truck driver was hospitalized with injuries.


Order pizza at this Boston restaurant and you might get carded.

Their newest menu item, the vignola cherry pizza, features fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola, prosciutto, honey and raspberry vodka-soaked cherries. It's baked for just seven minutes, so the alcohol doesn't burn off in the oven. But don't expect to get drunk.

"Too much would be like two to three pizzas worth. So I think you'd be pretty full before you got a buzz."


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