Web Exclusive: Bright flash of light in Texas gets folks talking

(CNN/KTRK) - Scientists are guessing it was possibly a meteor that got people talking in parts of Texas.  Folks reported seeing a bright flash early Friday morning, but whatever it was, people are certain what they saw was extraordinary.

From a NASA camera it looked like a bright light above the earth.  It was reportedly a bright flash of light that some people first thought was lightning.  "Okay I guess it's gonna rain," says Ashley Graham, Eyewitness. 

It wasn't the weather and it was spotted around Texas.  A map shows just a sampling of sightings in the Houston area and there were also pictures people took, showing a small area of colored light.  Others pictures show a trail behind it and people have been talking about it.

"Like a UFO taking a picture of the sky like a big flash," says Stephanie Soto, an Eyewitness.   
"My co-workers are talking about did you hear about the flash this morning?  I'm like, flash? Should I be concerned," asked Tanya. 

At the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  Not concern, but a lot of curiosity.  "And its going so fast that it actually gets through the atmosphere that makes the glow," says Carolyn Sumners, Houston Natural Science Museum.

The museum's astronomer suspects it's a meteorite, a small piece of rock burning through space, if it meets the criteria. "Did it make a trail? did it actually move? Did it change color? Did it move from east to west," says Carolyn Sumners, Houston Natural Science Museum. 

A lot of scientists and those who aren't are searching for an explanation to what's being called the fireball over Texas.


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