Web Exclusive: Burger King believes it has the "skinny" on fries

Web Exclusive

(CNN/CBS) - Move over burger wars.  It's now time for french fries to face off. Today, Burger King is launching new low-calorie french fries.  

The fast food chain says its new "Satisfries" have 40% less fat than market leader McDonald's and 30% fewer calories.  The low-cal, low-fat fries  at burger king will cost 20 to 30 cents more per serving, except in kids meals, where there will be no price difference.
Disney theme parks are putting an end to a policy that allowed disabled visitors to get "instant access" to rides, instead of waiting in line. There were widespread reports that able-bodied people were reportedly abusing Disney's disability policy. Disney says the new policy won't allow immediate access to rides. Starting October 9th, guests with a new disability access card will be issued a ticket with a time to enter an attraction, based on the current wait time, so they don't have stand in line. 
Toys R Us will hire 45 thousand workers this holiday season- the same as last year. Walmart is increasing its seasonal workforce by ten percent when it hires 55 thousand workers.
Say goodbye to a symbol of the 60's counter-culture movement.  The last Volkswagen van will roll off the assembly line at the end of the year after 63 years of production.  Brazil is the last place that produces the van. Production is stopping because the van no longer meets safety requirements.



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