Web Exclusive: Burned dog flees fire and runs to owner's job

Web Exclusive

MCMINNVILLE, OR (CNN) - After being injured in a fire, a dog risks his own life, taking off to his owner's job to warn him of the danger.

It's a picture that's worth a thousand words. 5-year-old Brandi - on the ledge of a second story balcony - as she tries to escape a burning apartment.

Those two dogs are extremely brave for what they did, says dog owner Arvan Sells.

Brandi's friend, Simba, was able to escape after firefighters helped him down from the balcony? but he ran off.

"And they found him behind my work so the way I picture it he realized something was going on and he had to go find dad," says Sells.

Now, the two dogs are at the McMinnville Veterinary Hospital ---- recovering form serious burns.

"The dogs just do fabulous - the attitudes with the pit bulls especially  23:50 typically they do so well - it's amazing what they can handle," says Veterinarian Dr. Aaron Sears.

"And I can't believe how brave our dogs were that they actually jumped down and saved themselves," says dog owner Jessi Sells.

The couple lost pretty much everything in that fire which started in the kitchen on Monday evening. At the time, their 3-year-old daughter was with a family friend outside of the apartment. The friend rushed the 3-year-old to safety and then tried to rush in to try and rescue the dogs - but the fire was too intense.

"Knowing Brandi I feel she was probably trying to fight the fire," says Arvan.

"And she has a huge burn on the bottom of her chin and that makes us think she was probably snapping at it," says Jessi. 

For this couple -- Brandi and Simba are a part of the family. They visit whenever they can - staying optimistic that these kids will heal up quickly.  

They're such good dogs and knowing they went through that and dealing with all that pain, it breaks my heart," says Jessi.


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