Web Exclusive: Bus aide accused of harassing 5 year old student

Web Exclusive

(CNN/WPBF) - A school bus aide has been charged with stalking a five year old child.  Police say she's caught on video verbally harassing the student.  Police say the child has a disability.  Warning: The video may be disturbing to some.

"Fasten that seat belt now. I'm gonna teach you a lesson buddy," you hear from the video.

The video tells the story. "What is your problem? Cut it out! (yelling) Cut it out! No! Cut it out! No! Yes! (screaming)." 

"I was shocked when I watched the video disappointed. Again you trust your kids when they go to school they're protected," says Asst. Chief Richard Del Toro,  Port St. Lucie, FL Police.

But Port St. Lucie Police say it reveals how a 5 year old boy with disabilities was harassed repeatedly by his school bus aide, 37 year old Daneta McPherson.

You can hear in the video, "You're going home with me today! No! Yes you are! No! Yes you are! No! Yes you are! (crying)."

McPherson is seen on school bus surveillance video verbally attacking the boy. Police say the harassment happened while the child rode his bus to and from school on multiple occasions.

"The very next time I get off this bus and see you in the morning time hitting on your mom it's going to be me and you, you understand? Yeah! Huh? Yes ma'am.  Say yes, ma'am. Who you yelling at boy," as heard in the video. 

According to a warrant affidavit, McPhearson would bully the child, yell at the child and threaten the child bringing him to tears.

From the video: "What did I tell you?  Huh?  What did I tell you?  Put that seat belt on now! Okay! (crying) boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo."

Police were alerted about the situation by school security and DCF back in December.  They say the case was presented to the state attorney's office after an extensive investigation.

"He suffers from multiple disabilities.  He's a child with a lot of challenges and he really didn't need this type of incident in his life," says Del Toro,  Port St. Lucie, FL Police.

CNN has reached out to the bus aide and the school for comment, but has not heard back. McPherson has been released on 20-thousand dollar bond.


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