Web Exclusive: Busting 3 myths about famed Irish beer

Web Exclusive: Busting 3 myths about famed Irish beer

(CNN) - If you're celebrating St. Patrick's day this year, you're definitely not alone. 133 million people plan to join in on the festivities and some people will probably enjoy a Guinness or two.  
As one of the most popular Irish beers in the world and just in time for St. Patrick's day, we are about to bust three of the biggest myths surrounding the popular beer.

This list is courtesy of Time Magazine.  Myth number one is that Guinness is very high in alcohol.
Good news, it's not and even has less alcohol than most beers.  Guinness has 4.2% alcohol compared with the average beer, which contains 5% alcohol.

Myth number two is that Guinness is so heavy that it must be high in calories.  Not so.  A 12-ounce serving is only 125 calories, and if you compare that to a bud light, the light beer has only 15 fewer calories than the same amount of Guinness.  Most of those calories come from the alcohol. The dark color and sweetness, that's from roasted barley.

And lastly, this is the myth that was made popular by some clever marketing in the 1920's by the brand, that Guinness is good for you.  But marketing it was and we all know the actual guidance from doctors -- moderate consumption of alcohol may be good for you, but there is also a lot of research that says there is a correlation between moderate alcohol consumption and many health problems.  


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