Web Exclusive: Can you spot a flirt? Research finds maybe not!

(CNN) - Flirting! It's an age old form of communicating, but are you good at recognizing flirting when it happens to you?  It turns out that most of us are missing out on the subtle winks, smiles and laughs and reading a flirty encounter all wrong.
Researchers from the University of Kansas put the "power of the flirt" to the test.  They brought together 52 single college students and had pairs of strangers sit alone in a room and talk together.  Afterwards, the participants were asked specific questions about their exchange.

Researchers found that people know when a person is not flirting.  80% got this right.  But they found that we are not as good identifying when a person is.  Only 36 percent of men and 18 percent of women interpreted this correctly.  Researchers say there is a big reason for this -- flirtatious behavior is hard to identify. It's done in unobvious ways and takes a bit of time to recognize.
So, why did researchers do this study? Well, they say it was for the single people out there, because missing these signals of flirting could be a big missed opportunity to connect with someone.


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