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(CNN) -   It was a long and sometimes lonely winter for auto dealers in many parts of the country. Now, with temperatures heating up, they're eager to welcome you back. we have some spring shopping tips for anyone in the market for a warmer-weather set of wheels.

After they revved up through most of last year -- winter slowed down auto sales.
Now dealers like Vince sheerly are hoping momentum returns, as cold weather departs. And spring can lend itself to some big discounts.
The selection is fantastic because the production continues on throughout the winter months, and this is probably the best time of the year to find the car that you're looking for.
Those price cuts are sometimes on models at the end of their line, and consumer reports says there's two sides to that.

That can create a great opportunity  because often a car in its last model year, is its most reliable. But at the same time, it's going to look outdated in just a few months.
From style to pricing, most of a consumer's research can be done before ever meeting a salesperson.
Some big things to consider --
-- space and storage needs.
-- ownership costs, like fuel economy and maintenance,
-- and your financing plans.

Those looking to take more time with the process may consider shopping on a weekday.
It's nice to have that extra time and a little quieter environment maybe rather than than our busy saturday events, and you'll still get the same deal.
And shop on the final days of the month for the best deals.
Often there are hidden incentives for the dealership that encourage the dealership and the sales staff to try and hit sales numbers. They're going to be a little bit more open to negotiation.

     Just know what a good price range is before negotiating. 
     the more research done ahead of time, the smoother the ride can be, and don't forget the actual test drive.
     That's your web exclusive this friday



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