Web Exclusive: Changes coming to Facebook

(CBS/CNN) - Hostess Twinkies may live on after all. Hostess brands agreed to a mediation session with union leaders to try and solve their differences. The company's planned liquidation is on hold for now. 

A bankruptcy judge said Monday he wanted both sides to try one last time to reach an agreement that could preserve more than 18,000 jobs.  The bakery workers union went on strike November 9th when the company imposed pay cuts and other concessions.  Hostess brands shut down operations Friday.

And a new survey shows 60% of Americans plan to do their holiday shopping over Thanksgiving weekend.  While many employees may not be happy about working on Thanksgiving, 22 percent of shoppers say they like the option of being able to shop on turkey day.

When it comes to credit cards for shopping, Americans used theirs more often last quarter, but they also racked up more debt in the process.  The credit reporting agency TransUnion says the average American is carrying just under $5,000 dollars in credit card debt, up about 5 percent from the previous summer.  At the same time, the agency says, more Americans were late making their credit card payments.

Connecting to Facebook is about to get a bit slower for the site's millions of users, but there's a good reason.  Facebook is in the process of moving all of its users in North America to a type of internet connection that's not as fast, but more secure.

By default, you'll soon start using an "https" connection, as opposed to the less-secure "http."  Most retail and banking sites use "https."  Facebook says it has made infrastructure improvements so the transition will slow down connections only slightly.  Users who are unhappy with the change can opt out.


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