Web Exclusive: Chihuahua saves girl from pit bull

Web Exclusive: Chihuahua saves girl from pit bull

(CNN/CTV) -  A little girl is badly scarred and traumatized after a viscous pit bull attack. Fortunately, a pint-sized hero stepped in to defend her -- or it could have been worse. A Chihuahua -- named "Honey" saved the day.

Honey is small, but this little dog has outsized courage that may have saved a life. "Little dogs they think they're big dogs, eh?" said Paul Desrochers, Jenna's Grandfather.  A Chihuahua that could take on a pit bull ten times its size and protect a vulnerable eight-year-old girl.

That girl, Jenna Desrochers, is now recovering, but it was close.  It all started on Tuesday when Jenna was picking up golf balls near her neighbor's house. The pit bull burst through his enclosure and sunk its teeth into Jenna's head. 

"We heard Honey yelling. Honey, it was like he was being attacked," says Desrochers.

Her grandparents came running.  "When I got to her I basically screamed and she said 'it's ok, it's ok,' says Anne Marie Desrochers.  "Anne-Marie just started screaming. And then she realized woah, I can't scream because I'm going to scare Jenna, right," said Mr. Desrochers. 

But, Honey got there first. The Chihuahua barked and the pit bull let go, going after Honey. That gave the pit bull's owner enough time to collar the dog and get Jenna to safety.

"I'm so glad that Honey distracted that dog because if it had gone for her throat that would have been the end of her," her grandfather said.

Jenna got away with punctures to her head, hundreds of stitches on a gash on her forehead and a gash through her eyelid. But doctors say she will be able to see. It's not clear yet whether she'll need more surgery.  But what has really impressed the family is the courageous girl is actually comforting them.

Paul Desrochers says, "She never shed a tear, that little girl. She was so strong." "She's pretty terrific, she's the most courageous thing I've ever seen," says Anne Marie.

The owner complied with an order to destroy the pit bull, and Desrochers said he doesn't blame her, or the breed of the dog for the accident.


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