Web Exclusive: Christmas wish lists go hi-tech

(CNN) - When it comes to letters to Santa, some are ditching the pen and paper and looking to their tablets and smartphones instead. The holiday wish list has gone hi-tech thanks to apps and social networking.

To many, there's nostalgia to sitting down and penning a holiday wish list.
"To make my list? Paper and pencil. I'm totally old school," says a holiday shopper.  To others, it's about modern-day convenience and gifting across multiple retailers. Another shoppers finds,
"Red Envelope is a good one, Amazon, sometimes even Tiffany if people have been good through the year. It all depends."

During this season for sharing, there are more twists than ever on the traditional holiday wish list.  "People used to use paper and pencil, and put it on the refrigerator. I remember doing that when I was growing up. And then different types of websites would have different kinds of digital wish lists for their own website," says Suzanne Kantra, Techlicious Editor-in-Chief. 
Sites like Amazon, Wishpot and Tall Wish let users share lists with family and friends across social networking sites where they already interact.  The explosion in Pinterest's popularity has created another avenue.  "I share it with everybody. I make my list on Pinterest, all the pictures are there," says a holiday shopper. "And I have one for my kids, I have one for my husband, he makes one. And it works really well."

"Being able to put together a bunch of ideas and be able to winnow those down, really makes a huge difference. And then you can follow other people's gift ideas as well," says Suzanne Kantra, Techlicious Editor-in-Chief.

Just last month Pinterest opened up the site to businesses, which means retailers can highlight their own wares this holiday season.  


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