Web Exclusive: Classmates campaign for down syndrome Homecoming Queen

(CNN) - A very special eighth grader had a homecoming she will never forget.
She has Down Syndrome and her peers thought it would be a great idea to make her this year's queen.

 Inside Juban Parc Junior High Is a student, everyone knows. Her class may not be that big, but anyone here will tell you her heart is.
"Kind towards everybody and has a really sweet heart."
Kallie Pope has known Meghan burns since 4th grade. They're 8th graders now.
These boys met Meghan two years ago.
"She's got a good heart.  She's always there to make you happy.  She makes you smile. She'll just wave to you in the hall and be like 'hey Dillon' and I'll be like, 'hey Meghan, what you doing?'"
Last year, Dillon came up with an idea.
Get Meghan crowned homecoming queen, he asked Mathew to help.
"At first some didn't think we were serious.  Then after we told a lot of people, most decided they were going to do it."
"We really spread it to our football team mainly.  That's what really got it going."
So Wednesday night...    
"Our first 8th grade member is Miss Meghan Burns (cheers)."
There was no surprise Meghan was walking the 50 yard line.
You can really see her personality as the announcer reads all her accomplishments from competing in the special Olympics.
Meghan has down syndrome, but to her classmates she's no different.
"The 2012 Juban Parc homecoming queen.  Miss Meghan Burns."
And Wednesday night, they proved it.  
"Jumped up and started screaming.  Hollering."
"We were all like in tears, so excited."
"Ran up and hugged her."
"She was so happy."
Turns out Meghan got 90-percent of the votes.
"We knew, cause so many people saying they were going to vote for her."
So when she showed up to school in her sash and crown, the students realized just how much the honor meant.
"The biggest smile on her face from ear to ear.  It was amazing.  Made me feel I did something good."
Perhaps these kids have already learned what the poster in Meghan's class says 'Expect to be accepted for who you are.'


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