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(CBS/CNN) - A voluntary peanut butter recall is now expanding.  Sunland Incorporated is pulling 76 types of peanut butter and almond butter off store shelves in 18 states.

29 people have been sickened across the country.  The peanut butter is manufactured under dozens of brands including Trader Joe's and Archer Farms.

If you're looking for a job, listen up. Toys R Us is hiring 45-thousand temporary workers for the holiday season.  The retailer says that's an increase of 13% from last year.  Many of the temps will work for its expanded online service.  In addition, the chain plans to open as many as 200 temporary stores.

The turbulence between American Airlines and its pilots union is causing a surge of cancellations and delays.  More than 100 flights were canceled Monday, according to Flightstats.com.  That brings the total number of cancellations to 570 since the contract dispute began more than a week ago.  Less than half of the airline's flights have been on time since September 16th.

Some international Facebook users recently feared that a bug in the system exposed their private messages to the public.  Users reported that the messages were showing up on their timelines.  The Wall Street Journal and Techcrunch.com are reporting that they've found no evidence that the exposed posts were private messages.  Facebook also confirms there was no malfunction in their privacy settings; instead the messages in question were actually old wall posts from before the facebook "timeline" interface was used.


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