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(CBS/CNN) - Some tech fans hoping to get their hands on the new iPhone have been waiting outside the apple store for four-days.

This is New York City's flagship Apple store where people brought out their sleeping bags for the big wait.  They'll be waiting until Friday when the iPhone 5 finally goes on sale.

Each customer who buys the phone at an Apple store will be offered free personal set-up service to help them customize their phone.

Fans of the McRib will have to wait a bit longer to get their fix this year.  McDonald's will not roll out the popular sandwich in October, as it has it has in the past.  A memo obtained by Ad Age says it will be on the menu in time for the holidays in late December.  Advertising will also promote "quality pork" and a "unique taste."  The leaked memo says the late release is an effort at drumming up an end-of-the-year sales surge.

If you go to a McDonald's in Austria, you might hear, "Would like noodles with your hamburger?"  The restaurant chain will debut "McNoodles" on its menu later this week.  The dish comes with vegetables, salad and chicken.  McDonald's says Asian noodles are popular in Austria -- where they already have vegetarian-only restaurants.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and now the subject of one of the world's best-kept secrets.

The Christian Science Monitor reports: a vast diamond field containing "trillions of carats" was discovered beneath a crater in Siberia.  It was kept a secret from the 1970s, until now.

Officials say there are enough diamonds in the field to supply global markets for 3-thousand years.  Interestingly, the diamonds are reportedly twice as hard as usual gemstones.


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