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(CNN) - Once the political conventions wrap up this week, the final sprint to Election Day will begin. And with fundraising and polling in full swing, it's a prime opportunity for scammers. 

 After the final balloons and confetti fall, it's back to business for political candidates on every level. And the next few weeks are crucial for raising money for the final stretch and keeping up with voter sentiment. But the Better Business Bureau warns that this prime season for politics, can also be a prime season for certain scams.  

Among the tricks they've heard, fake fundraising calls that sound legitimate enough to be from a real campaign, but are not. The BBB suggests contacting a campaign yourself if you'd like to donate money, rather than giving money on the line to an unsolicited caller.

Another scammer pitch, the promise of a free cruise or vacation in exchange for answering a voter survey, or public opinion poll, over the phone. Consumers are asked for a credit card or debit card number at the end of the call, to cover certain fees associated with the trip and checking for voter eligibility. Scammers will call or email a victim to ask if they've verified their voter registration prior to election day. If not, the scammers offer to do it for the voter, in exchange for a social security or credit card number.  


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