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(CNN/AAA) - If you bought gas this past weekend, it probably cost you more than the last time. But if you didn't, Tropical Storm Isaac could determine if you pay more or not next time.

The price of regular unleaded is now averaging $3.75 a gallon, according to AAA. That's 3 cents more than a week ago. Mid-grade fuel is averaging $3.90 a gallon and premium is up to $4.04 a gallon. Tropical Storm Isaac could cause prices to climb even higher.

Oil production in the Gulf of Mexico basically shut down on Friday. AAA estimates, that means 2-3 million fewer barrels of oil on the market, from just this past weekend.


(CNN/Websites) - Class is back in session which means its time to hit the books, and that can really hit a college student's wallet hard. According to the College Board, the average college student spent about $1,200 on textbooks the last school year.

Scott Gamm of "HelpSaveMyDollarsDot.com," a personal finance site for young adults, says even though the college bookstore may be the most convenient option, it's not a student's only option. He recommends using the social network to search for friends with books as well as amazon and off campus book stores. Gam also says to try searching for the international editions of textbooks.

These books designed for different regions of the world often have the same content as the U.S. edition, but can save you as much as 70%


(CBS)  Apple shares hit another all time high in the first day of trading since the company won a landmark lawsuit against Samsung. On Monday, Apple gave a judge a list of eight Samsung smart phones it wants pulled from shelves and banned from the U.S. including the Galaxy-S 4-G smart phone.

Last week, a jury ruled Samsung violated patent laws in copying Apple's design for the iPhone and iPad. Apple is also asking the judge to *triple* the damages Samsung must pay to more than 3 billion dollars. And of course Samsung is planning an appeal.


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