Web Exclusive: Controversy over screaming children at shopping center

Web Exclusive

(CBS/Network 10) - Now I'm sure most parents will agree, that children are prone to the odd temper tantrum at the shops.  Well, one shopping Center in Sydney is causing a bit of stir, after reports surfaced noisy children wouldn't be welcome.

It may be a familiar sound for any parent, but for some customers at a shopping Center in Sydney, Australia -- it's too much.

"She said I can't have my lunch here, she said I just can't, she said whenever I sit down, there is you know, screaming," says Brenda Mulcahy, Center Manager.

The free playground was put in 2 years ago for kids to enjoy.  As long as they aren't noisy.

"I'm not talking general children noise. I'm talking high decibel children noise, which impacts on the other people who are using the food court," says Mulcahy.

So. management put up a sign-- "Screaming children will not be tolerated in the Center."

Mulcahy replied, "We would never ban a child from the Center, someone has suggested and I haven't read the article that we are banning children, and that is absolutely incorrect."

Center Management originally put up a notice about noise control, mid-way through last year, but it says when complaints kept coming in, it was forced to put up another notice with much stronger language. Though it now admits, that may have been too harsh.

"We needed to get stronger because we had the first sign and that didn't do any good, didn't have an impact. 

People at the Center agree about kids being kids. "It's a fun kids area and if you want a quiet coffee there is a coffee shop at that end, and at that end," says Jen Hill, mother.

"It's a bit silly really, the whole point of it is to have kids here," says Martin Whittaker, shopper.


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