Web Exclusive: CVS restricting sales of nail polish remover

Web Exclusive

(CNN/CBS) - Another common drug store product is getting harder to buy.  First it was cold and allergy medications. Now, in order to buy nail polish remover at CVS drug stores, you will have to show ID, thanks to a new corporate policy. 

At some CVS stores, sales of the product will be restricted to people 18 and older.  It's another battle in the war against methamphetamines. That's because the nail polish remover in question contains acetone, which is one of the ingredients used to make meth in home labs. CVS also said it will limit the amount of nail polish remover a person can buy in conjunction with other products that contain ingredients that can be used to make meth.    

Apple is expected to release a redesigned iPhone September 10th.  Apple's global market share has declined due to lower-cost Androids and Samsung smartphones.  The new iPhone is expected to have big changes to its menus and icons and will be on store shelves in time for the holidays. 

Blackberry is thinking about selling itself, forming a partnership, or something to stop its slide.
The company pioneered the smart-phone market more than a decade ago.  But Blackberry is struggling lately, due to competition from Apple and Samsung.  Its stock price closed more than 10% higher on Monday on the news.

One more sign that five-years after the great recession, the nation's economy continues to improve slowly.  One of the nation's major credit reporting agencies says increasing numbers of consumers are making timely credit-card payments. That has cut the rate of late-payments fees and debt to their lowest level in almost two-decades.



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