Web Exclusive: Do hotel stars really mean anything?

Web Exclusive: Do hotel stars really mean anything?

(CNN) - It is the time of year when many of us are making our summer vacation plans -- but as you do your hotel research, are you looking for the hotel with the most stars or one with fewer stars that will keep you within your budget? 

If you want the best hotel, you choose to stay in a five star hotel, right?  Well some are arguing that hotels should toss that old-fashioned star-rating system out the window.   That it may not be the best way to judge a hotel anymore.

So, is it out with the old two, three, four, and five-star system and in with a new system of ratings based on user-generated online reviews?

According to trip advisor -- 150 million reviews and opinions are posted on its pages.   It says these details give weight to actual customer reviews over the rigid and outdated star system.

But internet reviews like this are often manipulated and may not paint a full picture. They might also be more biased than the star system.

The trend emerging now is something of a compromise, where travel websites are using both approaches -- posting traveler reviews and the traditional stars.

So, like everything, knowledge is power and the more information, the better before forking over your precious vacation money for a nice hotel.


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