Web Exclusive: Dog stuck in car grill for 11 miles

(CNN) - A fluffy white dog that almost lost her life, ended up getting the ride of her life, stuck in a car grill moving at speeds of up to 50 miles an hour.  

This is the story of a poodle with oodles of luck. Look where she ended up.  

"She was kind of wedged in there with the license plate and the license plate cover."

The dog ran into the road in Taunton, Massachusetts. The driver says he braked but didn't see the poodle mix and thought he missed her so he kept going and drove for 11 miles to East Providence, Rhode Island. At a stoplight, another motorist alerted him to the dog in his grill. Animal control supervisor William Muggle got her out.

"She was holding on to the front of the bumper, holding on for dear life, as it were."

It was like a tug of war. They had to drag the dog out by its hind feet. It kept coming and coming. How much dog can you fit in a grill?

And then as it slinked off. They started yelling dog in Portuguese....

"Cao.  Hey, Cao." 

 Because the dog was heading back into traffic.

All kinds of critters get stuck in car grills, from a type of weasel...

"Yeah, I bet you'd like to bite me just cause I was driving."

To a parrot, a woman thought she'd hit the bird, then heard chirping the next day. And this red tailed hawk looked done for, until mechanics began taking apart the grill....

"I looked in there he had head turned sideways and I could see an eye and he blinked."

Injured but alive.  And then there was the rabbit stuck in this grill.  The owner took off the bumper and tried to coax him out.

"Wrong way, dummy.."

Who are you calling dumb?

Maybe he mistook it for a Volkswagen rabbit, whatever, out he came.

"There we go. Yeah"

 Better to be a rabbit in the grill than on the grill.

But watching the extraction isn't always pretty, as one person posted, "first time I've seen a car give birth."


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