Web Exclusive: Don't Rush, Look Before You Flush

(CNN) - Do you have a stash of magazines or books in your bathroom? There's a new source of reading material starting to show up in some public restrooms. Just look, before you flush.

Talk about a weird product rollout!

Advertising on toilet paper?

"You use it and look at it?"

Yeah, but not in that order. You're supposed to look at it first! Imagine you're stuck in a stall in a restroom at a bar, with nothing better to do than contemplate underground printing or pita pit.

Toilet paper ads are the brainchild of these two brothers, Jordan and Bryan Silverman. Jordan dreamed up the idea while at the University of Michigan.

"I found myself sitting in bathroom in library bored reading my phone and graffiti on the walls."

And there, star toilet paper was born.

"We have what we like to call a two ply business model."

The first ply is they supply it free to bars, bowling alleys, any public place. The second ply is they get advertisers to pay for the privilege of being on a roll.

Your ad here.

Now advertisers pay half a cent per ad, or per impression as the star toilet paper brothers like to say. It sure is a different impression from a regular ad.

"An average advertisement is seen between 2 to 5 seconds. One of our ads is seen between 1 and 10 minutes depending on what you had for dinner the night before."

Bryan is a finalist in entrepreneur magazine's "College Entrepreneur of the Year" thanks to their toilet paper caper.

"It's funky. It's good fun."

"Good on you. Brilliant idea."

"Most of the time you're at a bar using the bathroom you're drunk."

"I would read the ads." (reporter: "would you remember the ads?") "No."

Lest you worry about becoming ink stained.

"The ink is a soybean based ink and because soybean based it doesn't run on your body."

Advertisers like Smoothie King say it's too soon to know how effective toilet paper ads are.

"I'm gonna think twice about using it." "it's too nice to use, doubles like art. Art for your butt."

They have big plans, to supply their toilet paper ads to malls and stadiums. The star toilet paper brothers are hoping to cleanup. They have plans for scanning coupons and of course they have a motto ... "don't rush look before you flush!"


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