Web Exclusive: Family gets "aerodynamic" to support chemo patient

Web Exclusive

(CNN/KULR) - A show of solidarity. That's what the family of one Montana cancer patient called her family's unique bonding time. Joan Forseth is undergoing chemotherapy and lost all her hair. Now her family is shaving their heads for support.

They call it getting more aerodynamic. Jim Forseth and his father are going bald for a very special reason.  "My nephew and his dad are coming to shave their heads so they look like me," says Joan Forseth.

"When she started losing her hair this year, I said well let's all get our game face on, it's just hair it'll grow back," says Jim Forseth.

His aunt, Joan, is undergoing her second round of chemotherapy to battle ovarian cancer.  To show support and provide some entertainment during her treatment, they turned the Billings Clinic Infusion Room into a barber shop.  Joan says this is just one of so many ways her family has supported her through the cancer diagnosis, which she first received back in 2011.

"My son is on deployment so Jim's son comes over all the time and takes really good care of Eric and I, and he said no Joan, you don't have to do it alone, I'll do it with you," says Joan.

"The attitude she maintains through all this and her upbeat courage the least we could do is come in and show her a little support kind of a team effort," says Jim.

"You just don't do it alone you rely on your family friends and the community and that's what this day is about," Joan says.


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