Web Exclusive: Farmer uses trombone to bring in cattle

Web Exclusive: Farmer uses trombone to bring in cattle

 PEABODY, KS (CBS) - All farmers need a way to bring their cows in, and a farmer in Peabody is trying something a little different. It worked for him once. Now, he hopes it will work again.

In the back of his truck, you'll find a seat, a stetson and a secret.

"I picked up my trombone again and there's no people out here." says farmer Derek Klingenberg.

All the fixings every cowboy needs to make the perfect cattle call.

"So i decided to use the cows for my audience. They're a really good audience."

But, this herd has never heard harmony outside the buzz of the bugs.

"Introducing them to pop music."

So, with a gulp of air, Klingenberg gives his cows a new, very trendy tune.

And, the cows seem amused. Some might say they appear to like the international hit song - a few even fighting for a front row view.

"You would too if you ate grass all day. You get bored."

"I wanted people to see that farmers and ranchers are very connected to the land and to the animals."

A connection clear to see with these first time concert goers.     

"Yeah i thought they did a lot better than i thought they would without ever hearing the trombone."

Fast learners on a farm fit for fun.


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