Web Exclusive: Fat cat gets mistaken for mountain lion

Web Exclusive

(CNN/KTXL) - It's a case of mistaken identity.  He's known by neighbors in San Joaquin County, California as Man Face, but someone called police to report him as a mountain lion. Others say he's just a big, fat tabby cat.

A mountain lion roaming the suburban streets of Mountain House could be a cause for concern. One resident thought they spotted a cougar lurking around the neighborhood and called police.

The San Joaquin Sheriff's Department responded, prepared for a game of cat and mouse.  But, there was just one problem, one big, fat, problem.  The cougar turned out to be a 25 pound feral cat.

"Man Face, yeah that's what we call him," says Jimmy Sales, resident.  Man Face is sort of a legend in this area. "He's real mean," says a man in the neighborhood.  He is a real mean cat.  He beats up all the cats in the neighborhood." 

This cat is believed to be the father of man face and is similar looking, just much, much smaller.

"He's about four times the size of an average cat," says Jimmy Sales.

A flattened bush gives a clue that Man Face may have been here. Neighbors say that's where man face sleeps and eats, but now there's no food left.

"A full-size mountain lion? Nah.  It's a big cat though," says Sales. 

Man Face was recently caught and neutered, neighbors are just hoping that helps him chill out.


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