Web Exclusive: Finding love for Valentine's Day

(CNN) - Valentines Day is this Thursday, and while millions of couples are making special plans, millions of singles are likely dreading this holiday of love.

February 14th is ahead and love is in the air, but according to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 116 million people in the United States are living single and it can be a drag.

"I guess if I did have someone special in my life I would be thinking about it more," says a single woman.

The pressure is on for singles on a day meant for couples.  For matchmaker Paul Brunson, February is big.  "This is the Super Bowl for the love industry," says Brunson.  Brunson is a self-described modern day "Hitch."  The real life date doctor has written a book on finding and keeping love.

"We've had 9 marriages," says Brunson.  Brunson says it's as simple as one, two, three: "The first thing that you do is think of everything you have done so far that hasn't worked and throw that out.  You want to expand your social circle. That's two. Three, work on yourself. Work on yourself, self development, interpersonal skills," says Brunson. 

Author and dating coach, Jess McCann also pushes a proactive strategy.  She says for most women who struggle with dating, it boils down to fear.  "Fear is sort of driving their life, it's making all their decisions, and it's keeping them in a paralyzed state. And when you're in a state of fear, you are not in a state of love," says McCann.

Her advice for frustrated singles?  "You really need to focus more on what you do have, and the love and relationships that are in your life than the ones that you don't," says McCann.

And if all else fails?  There is power in numbers.  "I think I'm just going to have fun with it. If nothing happens I'll get together a lot of girlfriends and we'll have a lot of fun," says another single.



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