Web Exclusive: Flying food trays serve up sushi

Web Exclusive

(CNN) - An elephant stuck in a well, a really big hornet's nest and flying food trays are all video that will have you talking today.

It's not a place you would expect to find an elephant, even a baby one.  This not so little one fell into a well while moving through an area of Thailand with its herd.  Villagers enlisted the help of a wildlife rescue team to set the struggling calf free. The lucky pachyderm was then happily returned to his mother and herd.

Speaking of big, a hornet's nest in Florida is approximately 20 feet around and about the size of a Volkswagen.  It's right across the street from Norman and Pat Bush's house in Greenville, Florida. The couple says they called animal control to do something about the massive hive, but so far they have yet to take action.  Bush says his grandson has solicited advice from other sources. "This guy said 'why don't you throw a rock at it. He said I did and they threw it back', ha ha."

We've all heard of fly fish, but flying sushi?  A restaurant in London has come up with a novel way of serving up your order--  flying food trays.  The CEO of the Yo-sushi chain says it's the first of its kind in the world.  The "iTray" is made from lightweight carbon fiber and has four propellers controlled by an iPad.




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