Web Exclusive: Former student sues university over grade

Web Exclusive

(CNN/KYW) -  A bad grade has led to a million-dollar lawsuit in Pennsylvania.  A former graduate student accuses her alma mater of forcing her to pursue a less lucrative field.

27-year-old Megan Thode is suing Lehigh University for 1.3 million dollars.  The reasons: breach of contract and sex discrimination.

Thode got a C+ in one of her graduate classes back in 2009, which she says impacted her degree and earning potential.  She also claims the university discriminated against her because she supports gay rights.

Thode's attorney says she never received less than an A- in grad-school before getting a C+.

A spokesperson from Lehigh University says, "Evaluating students' academic work is a core component of the educational process.  The university and our faculty have a responsibility to evaluate students fairly and accurately as to their attainment of competency in their field and to grant a Lehigh degree only when Lehigh's standards of competency are met."

Instead of getting a master's in counseling human services, Thode earned a masters in counseling in human development.  She currently works as a drug and alcohol counselor.

(CNN) - How we treat others may depend upon whether we're married or single, according to new study in the Journal Psychological Science.

Researchers found that people tend to think that their way of life, whether single or coupled is best for everyone, especially if they think their relationship-status is not likely to change.  To put this to the test, the researchers asked about 110 adults to imagine how a person of their sex would spend Valentine's evening.

People who said their relationship status was stable imagined that their "character" would have a happier Valentine's Day if he or she was like them.  Researchers say people tend to idealize their way of living, whether single or coupled, if they think they're going to stay that way long term.  No matter whether they're happy or feel "stuck" as they are, they tend to treat others who share their status better than those who are different.

Funny man, Steve Martin is finally experiencing parenthood.  The 67-year-old actor is a first time dad!  According to People magazine, Martin and his wife, 41-year-old Anne Stringfield welcomed a baby back in December, but the couple managed to keep the birth a secret until now.

Still no word on whether it's a boy or girl.  Martin and Stringfield have been married since 2007.


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