Web Exclusive: Grandmother parachutes for her 102nd birthday

Web Exclusive: Grandmother parachutes for her 102nd birthday

(CNN) - An Idaho grandmother who believes in living on the edge, jumps off a bridge wearing a chute and a smile.

Get this, it was all for her 102nd birthday.

Maybe you'll recognize her from appearances. Cracking old age jokes on late night television.

If I make it to 102 years old, I'd be happy just to be able to drive across this bridge, but jump off it?

"Ready Dorothy? Ready."             

Dorothy Custer was ready alright, to celebrate her 102nd by going airborne. 
Sorry, I had my eyes closed. Can we see that again? That's the Snake river almost 500 feet below the Perrine bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Dorothy's family gave her this jump as a gift. She was attached to a professional from an outfit called Tandem Base.

At age 102, a soft landing is crucial. 

"Boy that was a thrill but it was so quick," said Custer.
A mere 30 seconds.

She's been a guest on Leno twice, talking about the past century.
"The worst invention? the credit card. The credit card?" 

And joking about the time she was holding her hat in a gusty wind, when a boy suggested she better hold her billowing skirt. 

"And I said I don't care. What they see down there's 100 years old. This is a brand new hat," she said."

They showed photos of Dorothy in the bloom of youth, she played the harmonica, and on Valentines day she sang to Jay.

"Let me call you sweetheart," said Custer.

And now she's listening to the sweet sound of air in her chute. 

"I heard you laughing after the parachute opened."

It seems like Dorothy's always having a good time. She says her birthday jump was a good one. Except for one thing.

It was too short.


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