Web Exclusive: Hong Kong named city with most light pollution

Web Exclusive

(CNN) - You'll find the most light pollution on earth in Hong Kong.  That's the conclusion of a University of Hong Kong study.  The nearly three-year study found the urban night sky is up to a thousand times brighter than international standards. It also found even rural parts of Hong Kong are as much as 100 times international norms!  The study leader said unregulated lighting on buildings and the city government's obsession with public safety lighting are contributing factors.  Unlike other major world cities, among them Sydney and London, Hong Kong has no laws controlling urban lighting.

Space history is discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean!  Recovery teams have brought up two rocket engines from the Apollo space missions.  Amazon.com chief Jeff Bezos led a personal mission to find and recover them.  He says the serial numbers are worn off or partially worn off, so it's hard to tell which missions these rockets launched into space.

Trouble on board one of Rihanna's tour buses. Police say pot was found on one of the buses, but she wasn't on the bus at the time. It was one of 10 in her entourage going from Canada to Detroit.  U.S. Border Patrol smelled marijuana and sent a drug-sniffing dog on board.  The person allegedly carrying the drug and the bus were allowed to continue on, but both got citations.

Looks like it is splitsville for Katy Perry and John Mayer.  The two have reportedly ended their relationship, according to "US Weekly."  The couple looked pretty cozy at the Grammy's, but sources say both artists are very busy.  Perry is working on a new album, while Mayer preps for his upcoming tour.


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