Web Exclusive: iPhone 5: Time to upgrade?

(CNN / APPLE) - Today begins the presale of Apple's iPhone 5 and so many smartphone users have the same question on their minds right now, to upgrade, or not to upgrade?

That time between an Apple iPhone launch and the day the gadget hits stores can be stressful, pondering whether the new device is worth the time spent braving the crowds, or the amount of cash to jump from one carrier to another. Such is the debate in the minds of many smartphone users right now, one that could stretch until the iPhone 5 arrives in stores September 21st. Why so much ado about Apple?  

"They really did invent that entire experience that we take for granted today. Just the fluidity of being able to touch your contacts and scroll through a list of music or have a full web browser on your phone. Those are things that no manufacturer in the world was doing before Apple."

And those are things Apple has done on every version of the iPhone, so tech experts say some consumers may not miss too much by skipping the iPhone 5.  

"If you have an iPhone 4S, this may not be a necessary upgrade for you, because when the software comes out, you'll get a lot of the enhancements that the new phone will have in the software, which is free. But if you have anything older than an iPhone 4S, I absolutely think that this is a worthy purchase." 

And remember, the 4S went on sale just last October, so an iPhone 6 can't be that far off. Those who do make the leap this Fall should look carefully at the plans being offered by the carriers. Data plans have been changing.


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