Web Exclusive: Is the "land-line" almost a thing of the past

Web Exclusive


(CBS/CNN) -  The land-line is going the way of the telegraph and a lot sooner than we might think.  An industry trade group predicts by the end of this year, just 25% of homes will have a landline as people switch to cell phones and internet services.  AT&T wants to turn off its copper network by the end of the decade.. As copper wires become too expensive to replace. 

Consumers are whipping out their credit cards more often.  That has sent consumer borrowing surging.  Credit card use has soared to its highest since fall 2010.  Experts say a jump in borrowing means people are feeling more confident in the economy.
Plastic surgeries that require going under the knife have stalled, but that hasn't stopped people from trying to improve their looks.  It's those less invasive makeovers that are getting more popular.  Things like botox, laser hair removal have jumped 20%  in the last five years. 

Botox injections are on the rise. You have to get them every five months or so, but it only costs about $370 a session -- compared to $3,300 for a surgical forehead lift. 

Also popular-- teeth whitening and laser hair removal.  Laser hair removal averages about $330 per session and can take up to five visits.  There are also home-kits that take longer, but experts say can save money.  About 13 million Americans tried one of these last year. One million of them, men.



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