Web Exclusive: It's 12.12.12! A lucky day for some people

(CNN) - Just in case you hadn't realized the significance of today's date.  It's 12.12.12.  It's the last time we'll experience this numerical oddity this century. And some took advantage of what's believed to be a lucky day.

At 12 past 12.  On the twelfth day of the twelfth month in 2012, Natalie Johnson started her walk down the aisle accompanied by twelve year old twins.

""It was just going to be 12.12.12 and then I thought, hey I could do something with the time there so I did," says Natalie.  The theme of their wedding was centered around what they hope is a lucky number.  And while they were celebrating their nuptials, a celebration of a different kind across town. 

Brooklyn Codyre turns 12 at 12 o'clock today.  "It's really amazing that it happened to me and my family really pleased and they think I'm really special and stuff," says Brooklyn. 

Selwyn Rawiri wanted to mark the occasion as well, and he literally marked it.  "To get that same date again is going to take another 100 years," says Selwyn.  A milestone neither he, or most of us are likely to see again. 

One this happy couple hopes this day is a good omen for happy years ahead.


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