Web Exclusive: It's Tax Day; Crawfish in good supply in Consumer Corner

Web Exclusive

(CBS/CNN) - Today is tax day.  The official deadline to submit your federal income taxes.  But is it really a hard deadline?  Penalties for filing tax returns late only apply to people who owe the government money.  The IRS says three out of four taxpayers get a refund from Uncle Sam, so they don't face penalties.

If you're thinking about lunch or dinner, you may be excited to know there's something new on the menu at Chick-Fil-A.  You can now choose from three new grilled chicken entrees:  a grilled chicken sandwich, a grilled chicken club and grilled chicken nuggets.  Chick-fil-a says they wanted to offer some healthier options.  The Atlanta-based chain says its spent $50-million dollars over about seven years to develop their grilled chicken recipe and cooking 

General Motors announced it will replace the executives in charge of communications and human resources.  This come as the automaker struggles to regain its footing following the controversial recalls for faulty ignition switches.  But GM says the changes are not connected to the recalls.  A spokesman says new CEO Mary Barra is making her own hires in key positions - as the company transitions.

If you've had your eyes set on Google Glass - today's a big day!  Google will sell its internet connected eyewear online starting this morning for one day only.  The cost is 15 hundred dollars.  Until today Google glass has only been available to a limited number of people.
If you really want a pair - don't wait! there's a limited supply.  

And if you enjoy eating crawfish during holy week and Easter weekend, you're in luck.
The supply is good this year, a relief after a tough winter, that slowed down crawfish growth and limited the catch.




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