Web Exclusive: List of most overpaid actors released

(CNN/CBS) - Eddie Murphy is the most overpaid actor in Hollywood.  That's according to Forbes, which released its list of the most overpaid movie stars.  The magazine looked at the return on investment for movie studios, based on an actor's last three movies.

Forbes says for every dollar Murphy was paid, an average of two-dollars-and-30-cents was earned back by the studios.  Katherine Heigl came in as the second most overpaid star, followed by Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock and Jack Black.

Move over gift cards.  Starbucks is offering its first "super premium" gift card.  USA Today reports the coffee giant is releasing the Starbucks metal card, which costs $450 dollars.

It's loaded with 400 dollars.  Starbucks says it costs another 50 dollars to make the card, which is made of steel instead of plastic.  That's right. Steel!  It will only make $5 thousand of the cards, sold through gilt.com.  Starbucks members can start buying it Thursday.  Everyone else, Friday.

About a dozen kids got a chance to go on a holiday shopping spree with NFL player Andre Johnson.  The Houston Texans wide receiver was flanked by photographers and fans at Toys R Us.

Then it was off to the races as the kids rushed to fill their carts with toys.  The children made off with $19,000 dollars in gifts.  The shopping spree was made possible with the help of the pro-bowler's foundation and child protective services.

If you could smell like Pizza Hut, would you?  Well, the chain is launching its own perfume. That's right pizza hut perfume is said to smell just like a fresh pizza pie.  According to a press release, the scent boasts "notes of freshly baked, hand-tossed dough."  The idea came from a Facebook post, but the marketing team at Pizza Hut Canada smelled a winner and got to work.

For now, limited quantities of Pizza Hut perfume will just be available in Canada, but who knows, once Americans get a whiff, it could make its way south.


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