Web Exclusive: Little boy survives 5 organ transplant


(CNN/WFOR) - It's being called a holiday miracle.  A three year-old boy in Florida survived a five organ transplant.  He is expected to recover after all he has been through.

"Everything that they always kept telling me was that he has a 50/50. Nobody would ever give me any other percentage until now," says Arecelis Ortiz, Adonis' mom.

With the odds seemingly stacked against Arecelis Ortiz's son Adonis, he made it and now, standing with tubes protruding from his little chest and covered with surgery scars, this 3-year-old's body badly bruised, but his spirit far from it.  That's despite a multi-organ transplant where he recently received a new liver, pancreas, stomach, and both small and large intestines.

Ortiz describes her son's successful surgery and her baby boy's strength as miraculous.

"He's really strong. After all his surgeries he comes out with a smile. And I'm like 'how do you come out with a smile?' I'm like they just chopped you up," says Ortiz.

Little Adonis was born with a condition where his intestines protruded through his abdomen, so he underwent several surgeries to fix it, but it resulted in his other organs failing.  That's what caused the need for the multi-organ transplant.  Now, with the surgery over doctor's expect him to make a full recovery.  His mother now counting their blessings.
"He actually got to make it to Christmas. Every single Christmas he's had it's always been in the hospital. What they would give us is called a day pass, that he can go home for two hours, open his presents and go right back." But this Christmas?  "We're still going to be at the Ronald McDonald House, but at least he has another Christmas to celebrate."



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