Web Exclusive: Mal-Employment may be a problem for some graduates

(CNN) - A sobering warning for liberal arts and humanities majors.  New research finds your degree may not be worth what you put into it and we have the results of that new study which parents and teens might want to pay attention to, especially if that child is college bound.

If your teenager is considering a liberal arts or a humanities degree in college -- you should listen to this concerning new study, showing that there is a big mismatch between the skills that are needed in today's workforce and the skills that many students graduate with.

A Drexel university study shows that young college-grads with liberal arts degrees are suffering from what they dub "mal-employment" -- when a person is working at a job that is beneath the level their academic training prepared them for.

Here is an example-- a well educated waitress with an English literature degree. The numbers shake out like this, from 2000 to 2010, mal-employment went up almost ten percentage points for college graduates aged 20 to 24.

By 2010, 4 in 10 college grads were mal-employed and humanities and liberal-arts graduates were the most under- or mal-employed of the group.

If you start your career under-employed, it will likely have a big impact on how much you earn over the course of your career.

Some think this problem of mal-employment could be responsible for as much as a third of the growth of unemployment since the great recession.


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