Web Exclusive: Man arrested over saggy pants, resisting arrest

Web Exclusive

(CNN/KSLA) - Saggy pants land a Shreveport, Louisiana man behind bars.  Police say that wasn't the only thing he did wrong.

Semekia Woodbury walks down Centenary Boulevard with her two kids, much the same way her husband, Aaron Woodbury did Sunday afternoon, but she says he encountered police.

"He went to the store to get his daughter a Thirst Buster and was coming back and he was half way here and they ran over here and a large group of cops just man handled him," says Semekia Woodbury.

Semekia says she was shocked when she saw her husband being handcuffed.  "I'm like, you're arresting him because he wouldn't pull up his pants? Why?"

Police answered that question. "They were initially dispatched to a fight, during the course of that call for service a large crowd gathered," says Sgt. Bill Goodin, Shreveport Police.

Police say Woodbury was part of that crowd. And he was not only asked to leave, but told to pull his pants up.

"He refused to do so on both counts, so they gave him an opportunity to correct the problems and leave the area. Refusing to do so ultimately they made, take him into custody," says Sgt. Bill Goodin, Shreveport Police.

"I feel like it's your right it's your style to wear your clothes how you want to wear them. It shows who you are as an individual," says Semekia Woodbury.

And while Woodbury feels that's her husband's right, she doesn't believe he was exercising it when he was arrested, or any other time. She says sagging is not his style.

"Never, he's always dressed nice with a belt," says Semekia Woodbury.

Woodbury was charged with resisting arrest, and the wearing of pants below the waist in public.


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